Saturday, December 1, 2012

When I started out on tumblr, it seems that I did things a bit backwards. I figured it was this hip new media blogging platform that all the cool kids were using (turns out that was right) but I didn’t realize that it has all of these social aspects baked right in, too. So it turned out that SkepTV was my “primary” tumblr, that would show up any time I wanted to “like” something, or post a reply, or send an “Ask”, etc. And even though I started a side blog for any of my personal posting (mostly reblogging), I still wanted a way to be able to able to leave SkepTV clean and on message. Hence creating this blog, mostly just to sit here with this post, all of the action will still be on the JakeLsewhere blog, but so I can have my personal name on any of the social interactions I might (rarely) decide to get into.

Thanks for bearing with me.
-Jake :D